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Infrared Thermography for Building Sciences - Online Distance Learning

Infrared Thermography for Building Sciences - Online Distance Learning

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Infrared Thermography for Building Sciences - Distance Learning is a 32 hour online course.  The focus of this course is locating and evaluating deficiences in commercial and residential building envelopes along with subsystems found in buildings.  These subsystems include electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, sidewalls of buildings, steam traps, HVAC systems, and insulated roof systems.  This course is focused on a single thermography application and is a non-certification course.  Completion of this course may be applied to the other requirements for certification.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Infrared Theory
  • Equipment Selection
  • Equipment Operation
  • Heat Transfer Concepts
  • Thermal Image Analysis
  • Compliance with Standards
  • Generation of Reports

Training includes identifying and documenting various thermal patterns such as those caused by:

  • Poor Workmanship
  • Design Problems
  • Material Failure

The course tuition includes 24 hour online access for 60 days to course materials, a Student Reference Manual, online quizzes, and written proof of course completion.

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