Professional Thermography Training

Insight Infrared Training is a Canadian company providing online and on-site Infrared Training throughout Canada in partnership with Infraspection Institute. Infraspection Institute has been providing the world's best infrared training and certification for over 40 years.

Certified Infrared Thermographer® Training

  • Thermal exception on electrical connection.

    Infrared Certification Courses

    • Level I Thermography
    • Level II Thermography
    • Level III Thermography
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  • Thermal image showing product levels in bulk fuel storage tanks.

    Infrared Applications Courses

    • Electro/Mechanical Systems
    • Electrical Systems
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Optical Gas Imaging
    • Petrochemical Facilities
    • Building Sciences
    • Building Envelopes and Roofs
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  • Infrared Certification Classroom Training

    Upcoming Classes - 2024

    • Edmonton, Alberta
    • Calgary, Alberta
    • Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Victoria, British Columbia
    • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    • Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • Ottawa, Ontario
    • Montreal, Quebec
    • Moncton, New Brunswick
    • St. John's, Newfoundland
    • Halifax, Nova Scotia
    • Charlottetown, PEI
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